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Leftover roast pork, poultry, or beef? Use it tomorrow to make yummy barbecue sandwiches. As for the sauce, that’s up to you. I’ve discovered people are passionate about their barbecue sauces. Sweet and sour? Sweet and hot? Spicy? Mild? Use whatever you prefer. I usually go with a basic bottled variety.


Serves 4


12 ounces (approximate) leftover roasted pork, beef, or chicken–shredded
1 cup beef or chicken stock
1 cup favorite barbecue sauce
4 Light wheat buns


Combine all ingredients in a one-quart pan, cover, then bring to a simmer over low heat.
Reduce heat to its lowest setting and simmer for at least an hour or until mixture thickens. If using a gas range, you may need a flame tamer to keep heat level low.
Spoon one fourth of the mixture (approximately 3 ounces) onto a wheat bun and serve as is or with your favorite toppings.

In selecting a bottled barbecue sauce, read the labels. Avoid products with the first ingredient “high fructose corn syrup” because those have too much sugar. My personal favorite is the locally made AVIATORS BBQ SAUCE, available online at http://www.GourmetAviator.com.

©2011 Cheryl Norman

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