About Cheryl Norman

Cheryl Norman credits a gourmet cooking forum (sponsored by Sears) she attended in her youth for triggering her love of cooking. Although she earned a certificate of completion for that course, she had much to learn before she achieved success in the kitchen. She is not a chef, although friends and family gave her the nickname Chef Cheri for her ability to break down complicated recipes into shortcut cooking.

Her first cookbook, Chef Cheri’s Hasty Tasty Meals, is no longer in print. Hasty Tasty Meals in the RV,  which sold well at RV rallies and Samborees, was replaced by her new RV cookbook, Hasty Tasty RV Meals. A survivor of breast cancer, Cheryl underwent months of treatment that inspired her to write a cookbook specifically dealing with the challenges of patients who are weak from radiation, chemotherapy, or major surgery. The result, Recipes for Recovery, is available now.

Cheryl recently retired from fiction writing, although some of her books remain in print and are available through Amazon*

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*Available Novels:

Rebuild My World

Drake Springs series

#1: Return to Drake Springs

#2: Foster Care

#3: A Dose of Romance

#4: Tender Loving Care

#5: Drake Springs Memories

*Available short stories:

Hometown Blessings

The Christmas Prayer

Bad Moon Rising

Twilight Time

The Rancher’s Special Delivery