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From my RV kitchen

Cheryl at Old Faithful

Cheryl at Old Faithful

Old Faithful Inn, built 1904-5

Old Faithful Inn, built 1904-5

We just returned from a three-week trip in our RV, traveling from Florida to Yellowstone National Park via South Dakota. This was our first extended trip in our new Winnebago Aspect, and we were curious to see how it performed. Good news. We came home under budget! First, fuel prices were lower than we’d expected (we paid under $4/gal. except at Gardiner, MT, where we paid $4.04). Also, traveling 55 MPH gave us 10 MPG, very respectable economy for a V-10 gasoline engine in a large rig.

We also came in under budget for meals. We ate most of our HASTY TASTY MEALS in our camper. In fact, we ate only 11% of our meals out. We ate well, too, dining on bison burgers, grilled salmon, red beans and rice, “fried” chicken, chicken fajitas, and a couple of Tombstone Pizzas, along with a lot of fresh vegetables. Because I travel with my Healthy Gourmet cookware, Vita-Mix, and microwave/convection oven, I have what I need to prepare a variety of meals in the tiny RV kitchen. Our lunches were often sandwiches, but they were lean meats on whole grain buns. The few times we dined out were special (like brunch at Old Faithful Inn, a magnificent 104-year-old log lodge; and breakfast at Wall Drug Store, where coffee is a nickel a cup).

Even better news than saving money is we lost weight! I weighed the morning after we got home and had lost two pounds; my hubby lost three. True, we did lots of walking every day, which helped, but avoiding restaurant meals contributed to our weight loss. We’re happy campers!


Bison in Yellowstone National Park

Bison in Yellowstone National Park


Bison Burgers
Serves 4


1 pound ground bison
Mrs. Dash (any flavor, but we like Southwest Chipotle)
4 Whole Wheat burger buns


Preheat electric skillet to 350°F. Divide meat into fourths and form flat patties (no thicker than ¼”). Place patties in skillet, cover, and time for five minutes. After five minutes, flip burgers to check for doneness (They will be if you are using quality cookware), unplug, and serve on buns with condiments of your choice. We like Iceburg lettuce, tomato, and sweet onion on ours.

Bison meat is lower in fat than beef and very tasty.


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