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So much has been in the news lately about pesticides and contaminants in fruit juices, you may worry about buying/drinking any juice. But commercially made juice isn’t that nutritional, anyway. Why not make your own? It’s a win-win-win because your own juice is safer, healthier, and cheaper.

There is a catch. You need a Vitamix machine. Regular visitors to the Hasty Tasty Meals Kitchen already know how enthusiastic I am about the Vitamix, but I’ll spare you a commercial of all its benefits. For now I’ll focus on juice.

Whole foods juice includes all the fruit (except the peel in certain foods like pineapple, oranges, and bananas): membrane, seeds (except for the deadly seeds found in peaches, apricots, and apples; you’ll want to remove those), pulp, and juice. A juice extractor removes everything but the juice, which leaves you with a high sugar/low fiber product. What a waste of good food!

Here is an example. To extract enough juice for two four-ounce servings of orange juice, you’d need two or three oranges, depending on size. With the Vitamix, you use one orange and a cup of ice. That’s it! If the fruit is too tart, you may add a touch of honey or other sweetener, but that’s optional and usually unnecessary.

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Are you convinced? If so, go to Vitamix.com and place your order. Use code 06-006627 for free shipping!

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