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Solar Power! Make sun tea.

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Florida isn’t called the Sunshine State for nothing. We have plenty of sunshine, and in the summer it can be relentless. But my daddy raised me to find the silver lining in every cloud (or cloudless sky), and here’s how I capitalize on all that bright, sunny weather. Sun tea!

I’ve had sun tea that tasted, well, … nasty. I didn’t think I liked sun tea, tea snob that I am. Turns out, the stuff I’d sampled had been brewed too long. Sun tea is safe and easy if you do it right. One hour is all you need. Well…one hour and bright sunshine. ☼

I prefer my tea medium strength so I use three family-size teabags per gallon tea. You may want to use four. (If you like sweet tea, boil equal parts sugar and water in a pan for a simple syrup to stir in after you brew your tea.)

Sun Tea


  • 1 quart cold water + 3 quarts cold water*
  • 3-4 family size teabags


  1. In a glass container (I use quart canning jars), add the teabags to 1 quart cold water.
  2. Close the lid and place jar in full sun.
  3. Set timer for one hour.(Too long and the tea turns bitter.)
  4. Pour 3 quarts cold water into a 1 gallon pitcher. Add the sun tea and stir (at this point, you may add your simple syrup to make sweet tea).
  5. Pour over ice and enjoy with a slice of lemon or lime.

*Use filtered water if you have chemicals or minerals in your drinking water. I use a Brita® pitcher.




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