Recipes for Recovery

I previously posted the story of my kitchen struggles during my treatment for breast cancer and how the experience led me to write Recipes for Recovery. My doctors supported me in writing the book, and the oncology nurses endorsed it. Later, however, my primary physician took me off all artificial sweeteners, including sucralose (marketed as Splenda). According to her, none of the artificial sweeteners have had enough long term studies to prove their safety, so why take a chance?

Cancer tends to make one more cautious about chemicals and artificial food. I’ve learned far more than I wanted to about GMOs and preservatives. Obsessing about the food supply can give one an ulcer! 😛 However, I did revise my Recipes for Recovery by removing all references to Splenda, my previous sweetener of choice. Otherwise, it’s the same book that offers speedy nutrition for those too weak to be chefs in their kitchens. 

While revising, I also added a digital version via Amazon Kindle. Kellie Sharpe (Salt Run Publishing) improved my book with new cover art. The pink ribbon pays tribute to my personal battle with breast cancer, but the recipes apply to any patient having no energy to make nutritious meals.


Revised Edition Cover by Kellie Sharpe Salt Run Publishing

This book is priced at an affordable $7.50 print and $2.99 digital, and Amazon plans to offer a package if you buy both. If you know someone going through a serious illness or recovering from surgery, consider Recipes for Recovery. I send copies as get well cards. One diabetic friend, who is masterful in the kitchen, bought a copy just for the shortcut recipes and says it isn’t just for sick people. That’s a wonderful endorsement!

(Note: As soon as the print version’s revision is approved, it will be available at various bookstores including Amazon and CreateSpace)

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